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Dalada Perahara

Having visited Sri Lanka in August, you can become a participant of the grandiose Buddhist festival Esala Perahera (Esala Perahera). According to the legend, about two thousand years ago, the Holy Teeth of the Buddha was brought to Ceylon from the troubled India at the time, which was snatched from the funeral pyre by one of his disciples. Since then, the tooth is carefully kept by monks, then in specially constructed temples, then in secret. No one, except for the initiated, can see the relic itself. It is a great success to see the Zub's storehouse - a karanduvu.

Esala Perakhera is a multi-day festival dedicated to the worship of a relic associated with the Buddha. In the city of Kandy, in the temple of Dalad Maligawa, the Holy Tooth of Buddha has been preserved for several centuries - the only remaining material particle of the Buddha. Only once a year, the treasure is taken out of the temple. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists are given the opportunity to mentally touch the innermost. In all the Buddhist temples of the island (Sri Lanka - a country with a predominantly Buddhist population) during the year is preparing for the holiday.

In Kandy, not only priests from all over the country gather for the festival, but all temple elephants (and this is not less than one hundred animals). Elephants are decorated with luxurious blankets, flashlights, and the back of the elephant, representing the temple of Dalad Maligawa, is crowned with the repository of the Holy Tooth of the Buddha. The best dancers of Sri Lanka, musicians, torchbearers, standard bearers - everything that is colorful and bright - all unite into a single stream moving along the streets of Kandy towards the river Mahaveli. In addition to this, nothing more like a demonstration, these days a lot of amazing rituals are performed, the apotheosis of which is the magic ritual of cutting water.

It is impossible to describe everything that happens during the holiday, not only because Esala Perahera is a grandiose festival with many complex rituals and colorful ceremonies. This is an event of the sacred order: taking part in it, touching the cosmic eternity through the festival fuss, and this cannot be described, it can only be felt.